Public information
Public information
Proactively published information is available only in Georgian.

Public Information requests to the Ministry must be in writing. Requests may be submitted in any of the following ways to the Public Information Division:
• Mail to: Ministry of Defence of Georgia, Tbilisi, General Kvinitadze street 20;
• Email: [email protected];
• On-line at our website:

Everyone may have access to public information available at the Ministry, as well as receive copies unless the information contains state, professional, or commercial secrets or personal data. There is no fee for issuing public information other than the cost of making copies.

Public Information - An official document (including drawing, model, plan, diagram, photograph, electronic information, video and audio recordings), an information stored in or received by a public agency / public servant that is related to public activities, an information which is processed, sent, or proactively published by a public agency.

A person shall submit a written application to obtain public information. Indication of the reason or purpose of requesting the public information in the application is not required. When submitting an application to request a commercial secret of another person, an applicant shall present that person’s consent certified by a notary or administrative body, unless otherwise provided for by law.

Ministry is obligated to issue public information, including the public information requested electronically, immediately or not later than 10 days if the request for public information requires:
a) Retrieving of information from its structural subdivisions in another locality or from another public institution, and its processing;
b) Retrieving and processing of single and uncorrelated documents of considerable size;
c) Consulting with its own sub-division in another locality or with another public institution.

Grounds for denying public information requests – Information contains state secrets or personal data.
Personal data - any information related to an identified or identifiable natural person, an identifiable person is one who can be identified, directly or indirectly, in particular by reference to an identification number or to one or more factors specific to his physical, physiological, mental, economic, cultural or social identity;
A public institution shall be obliged not to disclose personal data without consent of the persons themselves, or without a justified court decision if so provided for by law, except for personal data of officials (and of the nominees for positions).
According to the law of Georgia on State Secrets, in the area of defence the following information may be deemed to be a state secret:
a.a) information containing strategic and operations plans, or documents reflecting the preparation and execution of military operations, information relating to the strategic and tactical movements of troops and other units, their mobilisation and combat readiness, and the use of mobilisation resources;
a.b) information on target programmes for the development of armament and military equipment, and information on the research and development and design works pertaining to the development of new types of military weapons, equipment and defence technologies;
a.c) information on the regime, structure and composition of military and civil defence facilities that are defined by a legal act of the Minister of Defence of Georgia;

Regulations on Public Information: