Substantial NATO-Georgia Package

Georgia was granted the Substantial NATO-Georgia Package (SNGP) as part of the Defense and Related Security Capacity Building Initiative (DCB) at the 2014 Wales Summit. The SNGP is aimed at improving Georgia’s defense capabilities, increasing its resilience, enhancing interoperability with NATO, and supporting NATO membership preparation process.


According to the 2016 Warsaw Summit decision, two priority areas were identified in addition to 13 initiatives under the SNGP. Currently, SNGP consists of 14 initiatives: NATO-Georgia Joint Training and Evaluation Centre (JTEC), Defence Institutional Building School (DIBS), Logistic Capability development, Intelligence Sharing and Secure Communications, Aviation, Air Defence, Special Operations Forces, Military Police, Aquisition, Maritime Security, Cyber Security, Strategic Communications, Crisis Management, and Counter Mobility. Strategic and Operational Planning Initiative was successfully concluded in October 2017.


Defence and Related Security Capacity Building Trust Fund was launched in 2015. DCB packages have been launched for Georgia, Jordan, Iraq and Moldova. Under this initiative Allies and partner countries are given the opportunity to financially support DCB recipient nations. Implementation of the SNGP is supervised by the Deputy Secretary General of NATO, whereas practical execution of each initiative is supported by experts from NATO member and partner states. Majority of NATO experts reside in Georgia on a rotation-basis and a number of experts conduct regular visits.  


As of September 2017, SNGP implementation is supported by 28 Allies and 2 partner countries.


From the NATO side, SNGP implementation is being coordinated and monitored by the Core Team led by a Germany Captain together with his American and Romanian Deputies.


From the Georgian side First Deputy Minister of Defence and First Deputy Chief of the General Staff of the Georgian Defence Forces supervise the SNGP implementation process. Georgian project leaders are assigned to execute each initiative together with respective NATO experts.


In order to further support effective implementation of the SNGP, an SNGP Coordination and Monitoring Section was established under the International Relations and Euro-Atlantic Integration Department at the Ministry of Defense of Georgia in autumn 2016.