STC Delta
STC Delta

State Military Scientific-Technical Center Delta is engaged in Defense Industry and provides technical support for Georgian Armed Forces concerning ammunition, military vehicles, specialized buildings and fortifications, implementation/application of new weapon systems and their subsequent support, humanitarian demining and demilitarization works.


The main mission of STC Delta originates from state interest of Georgia and national defensive strategy. The main task of the center is facilitation of development of national military industry, design-implementation in production up-to-date and innovative military technology, design, creation and serial production of combat equipment and armament meeting the requirements of world tendency.


History of STC Delta starts from 60-years of XX century, and from the beginning of 90-years the research center was put under control of Ministry of Defense of Georgia.  Today’s STC Delta was established in the year of 2010 when six scientific-research institutes and Tbilisi Aircraft Manufacturing (31 aviation plant) were placed under its control. Main sphere of Delta’s work is oriented to defense industry and partly to civil production.


STC Delta has been implementing the leading role in the Soviet Union, as a scientific-research institute in creation filed of explosives and ammunitions. STC Delta includes several scientific institutes such as LEPL Ferdinard Tavadze Institute of Metallurgy and Material Science, LEPL Scientific Research Institute Optica, LEPL Grigol Tsulukidze Mining Institute, LEPL Raphiel Dvali Institute of Machine Mechanics, Ilia Vekua Sukhumi Institute of Physics and Technology, Institute of Micro and Nano electronics.


STC Delta is capable of designing, developing, integrating, producing, and servicing different kinds of military production to meet customer requirements and expectations. Delta has capable personnel and processes, focused organization, broad experience and relevant technology skills. The company successfully applies modern technology and engineering techniques, using the CAD/CAM/CAE design process, CATIA v5, Mechanical Desktop, Nastran, Patran, and other advanced programming.


State Military Scientific-Technical Center Delta is legal entity of public law established according to the order of President of Georgia. Full name of the center is Legal Entity of Public Law — State Military Scientific-Technical Center Delta. The center is the organization separate from state administration bodies. Until 2014, the Ministry of Defense of Georgia performed state control of the center. Based on Government Decree of March 10, 2014 State Military Scientific-Technical Center Delta was passed to the control of the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia.


Delta is scientific technical center based in Tbilisi, Georgia established in 2010 on the base of six scientific research centers and production facilities employing up to 2000 employees. Organization is focused on research and development of new military and civil projects, production of already established products.


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