STC Delta
STC Delta

The State Military Scientific-Technical Center "Delta" is a legal entity of public law established by the resolution of the Government of Georgia. The state control of the center is exercised by the Ministry of Defense.

The history of "Delta" dates back to the 60s of the XX century. The organization has been operating since 2005 with its current status. In 2010, Delta incorporated the former aviation plant and six research institutes.

The Center "Delta" is the only organization operating in Georgia, which works on design, creation, serial production and repair of military and dual-use products.

 “Delta”'s team of professionals and industry experts work on a daily basis to refine existing equipment, repair and innovate projects. In recent years, the Georgian Armed Forces has been supplied with several types of equipment, weapons and armament produced by Delta. Products made in “Delta” enterprises are also exported to several countries around the world.


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