Defence Institution Building School
Defence Institution Building School

The Defence Institution Building School (DIBS) is one of the 13 initiatives of the Substantial NATO-Georgia Package – Capacity Building Programme (SNGP), endorsed by NATO Allies at the Wales Summit in September 2014.


Mission Statement


The DIBS fosters the professional and institutional development of the Georgian MOD, promotes a common understanding of security and defence policy across government and civil society, and im-proves cooperation between Georgia’s security sector, regional countries NATO Allies and partners.


DIBS also aims at sharing best practices, lessons learned, and progress achieved within the Georgian security sector reform process with other countries in the region and beyond.


DIBS intend to support the ongoing reform of the Georgian security sector. The DIBS has identified four main areas of activities where the School can contribute to positive changes.


Governance in the Security Sector - The DIBS will address the further professionalization of the executive personnel in the MOD and the security sector in order to improve the quality of governance and management in the wider security 15 domain. Special importance in defence and security governance rests on increasing integrity, ac-countability, transparency, and corruption prevention.


Promote Understanding of Defence and Security Policy - The School will provide a forum for discussion and the exchange of information in order to achieve a common understanding of security and defence policy issues among the Georgian MOD’s personnel, other governmental actors and civil society.


Promote Inter-Agency Understanding and Cooperation - DIBS fosters better cooperation among the governmental institutions of Georgia’s security sector, in particular among the Ministries of Defence and Interior, Ministry of Foreign Affairs as well as Secu-rity Councils of Georgia, by providing space for information exchange, networking, and cooperation.


National and International Cooperation - State security is not a task only for the security agencies. This is a joint responsibility for civil society as well. Therefore, academic circles, experts, teachers, media representatives have a role in state security, and they should have the opportunity to be engaged in the defence and security-related discussions DIBS is going to offer.


Furthermore, the School’s long term vision is to acquire NATO accreditation. The process may be split into stages by accrediting specific courses. In order to elaborate NATO compatible learning cycle, DIBS should continue a close cooperation with NATO programs, similar learning institutions and NATO schools in order to develop the process of accreditation.