Cyber Security Bureau
Cyber Security Bureau

The aim of Legal Entity of Public Law (LEPL) Cyber Security Bureau is to establish and develop stable, effective and secure Information and Communication Technology systems for the Civil Office of MoD of Georgia, structural sub-divisions of Military Forces of General Staff and LEPLs under MoD.


LEPL Cyber Security Bureau has started provision of its tasks and responsibilities on February 28, 2014.


Main goals of Cyber Security Bureau are:


  • Development of Cyber Security joint policy;


  • Provision of information and communication technology system security in Defence sector;


  • Implementation, operationalization and development of computer security incident response 24/7 mechanisms (CSIRT, CSIRT/CC, Call Center 24/7);


  • Protection of information and communication technology infrastructure under the MOD of Georgia from cyber threats and cyber risks;


  • Study existing infrastructure within the MOD of Georgia, development and enhancement of its security;


  • Elaboration of conceptual base ("Cyber Security Policy", "Cyber Security Development Action Plan" and etc);


  • Harmonization of Georgian Legislation with international legal norms;


  • Provision of awareness building in Cyber Security field;


  • Participation in educational programs and trainings;


  • Establishing close relations on national and international level;


  • Retraining military personnel according to the contemporary standards of cyber security.


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