Professional Development Programs
Professional Development Programs

International Military Education & Training (IMET)

The US International Military Education & Training  Program focuses on professional military education. The goals of IMET are to train future leaders, to create a better understanding of the United States, to establish a rapport between the U.S. military and the participant country’s military and to provide English Language Training assistance.

Representatives of MOD of Georgia have opportunity to get education in the following US Educational Institutions: Marine Higher Education School, War College, Institute of International Law, Institute of Defense Language, Maritime Education and Training Professional Development Center. They participate in the following courses: Defense Planning Certificate, Defense Resource Management Course, Inspector General Course, Manpower Personnel Training and Education, Military Law Development Program, Military Personnel Systems Analysis,  Strategic Studies, etc.


National Defense University (NDU), US 

National Defense University is a US National Security Institute focused on higher education and leadership development. The university develops joint warfighters and other national security leaders through rigorous academics, research and engagement to serve the common defense. The representatives of MOD of Georgia have opportunity to attend the NDU programs and get a Master's Degree.


Royal College of Defence Studies (RCDS) (London, UK)

The Royal College of Defence Studies (RCDS) is the senior college of the Defence Academy of the United Kingdom.  The Royal College of Defence Studies provides the capstone to the strategic education of those officers of the Armed Forces and equivalent civil servants who have the potential to reach the highest ranks and who must therefore understand and be comfortable working at the strategic level in a cross-government and international environment.

The course is a post-graduate-level course in international strategic studies, focusing on political, diplomatic, security, social and economic issues at the grand strategic level. The representatives of MOD of Georgia have opportunity to participate in the above-mentioned course.


NATO Defense College (Rome, Republic of Italy)

The mission of the NATO Defense College  is to contribute to the effectiveness and cohesion of the Alliance by developing its role as a major centre of education, outreach and research on transatlantic security issues. The collage provides senior-level education and brings together senior-level military and civilian officials to interact on NATO issues. Also, the college is providing opportunities for multinational networking. The representatives of MOD of Georgia are able to participate in the following  courses:  Integrated Partnership Orientation Course, NATO Regional Cooperation Course, Senior Level Course.


George C. Marshall European Center for Security Studies (Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany)

George Marshall European Center for Security Studies is an international EU-European educational center in defense and security sphere. The Marshall Center conducts a variety of unique programs involving to date officials from more than 152 countries.  The representatives of  MOD of Georgia have opportunity to attend the following courses:  European Security Seminar, Program on Terrorism and Security Studies, English Language Enhancement Course, etc.


Baltic Defense College (Tartu, Estonia)

The Baltic Defence College has continually sought to be at the forefront of professional military education to ensure its graduates are well prepared to meet the challenges they will face throughout their career in war and peace. The Baltic Defense College currently runs four programs: Senior Leaders Course, Higher Command Studies Course, Joint Command and General Staff Course and Civil Servants Course.  Representatives of MOD of Georgia have opportunity to attend the Higher Command Studies Course and Joint Command and General Staff Course.


Military Training and Cooperation Program (Canada) 

The Military Training and Cooperation Program (MTCP) is a broad-based defence diplomacy program whose mandate is to enhance reciprocal defence relations through cooperative, capacity-building projects with developing countries of strategic interest to Canada. In the frame of MTCP, the representatives of MOD of Georgia have opportunity to participate in the following courses: Defense Resource Management Course, English Language Course, English Language Teacher Course, Civic-Military Cooperation Course, etc.


NATO School Oberammergau (Oberammergau , Germany)

The Nato School Oberammergau conducts education and individual trainings in support of current and developing NATO operations, strategy, policy, doctrine and procedures.  Military and civilian personnel from NATO member and partner states participate in the courses. The NATO School provides one-week training courses in the following areas: Resource management, Public Affairs, Intelligence, Security Issues, Joint Plans and Operations, Standards, Assessment and Training, etc


Geneva Centre for Security Policy (GCSP) – (Geneva, Switzerland )

The Geneva Centre for Security Policy (GCSP) is an international foundation focusing on executive education that facilitates collaboration in support of peace, security and international cooperation. The Center hosts civil servants, diplomats, military personnel, international and non-governmental organizations, business leaders and politicians from 140 countries. The Centre equips a diverse range of experts, leaders and practitioners with the knowledge, skills and community they need to help their organisations thrive in today’s ever-changing security landscape. The representatives of MOD of Georgia have possibility to attend the following courses: Global and Regional Security Issues, Examining Global Security Challenges Relative to Europe, Leadership in International Security Course, Mapping Today's Security Environment o Meet Tomorrow's Challenges


Partnership Training and Education Centres (PTECs)

The Partnership Training and Education Centres (PTECs) are nationally or multi-nationally sponsored education and training institutions which are united under a single concept that is endorsed by the North Atlantic Council and recognized by NATO.
The PTECs offer courses, seminars, and workshops to both military and civilian personnel in order to provide education, training and instruction in diverse areas consistent with the objectives and priorities of NATO's policy on partnerships.


Regional Department of Defense Resources Management Studies (DRESMARA) – Brasov, Romania

The Regional Department of Defense Resources Management Studies Brasov (DRESMARA) is a higher education institution funded and supervised by the Ministry of National Defense and is subordinated to the commander (rector) of the “Carol I” National Defense University. DRESMARA is officially recognized by NATO as one of the 31 NATO-PTEC Partner Centers for Education and Training at the international level.  The main focus of all DRESMARA programs is to develop an understanding and appreciation of the concepts, techniques, and decision-making skills related to defense resources management. The goal of the Department programs is to enhance the effective allocation and use of resources in modern defense organizations. Representatives of the MOD of Georgia have opportunity to attend the following courses: The Information Resources Management for Senior Officials, Defense Resources Management, Planning, Programming and Budgeting of Defense Resources Postgraduate Course, Program and Project Management Postgraduate Course, Information Security Management Postgraduate Course.


Public Affairs Regional Centre  (The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Skopje)

Public Affairs Regional Centre is the only PTEC which is specialized in training and education in the area of public affairs. Upon obtaining the status of NATO PTEC, the training offered in PARC, in accordance with the NATO PTEC concept, became available to all NATO and PfP countries, the Mediterranean Dialogue countries and the Istanbul Initiative, as well as the rest of the partner countries. Representatives of MOD of Georgia have opportunity to attend the following courses: Crisis Communication Course, Public Affairs Course, etc.


SWEDINT  (Sweden)

The Swedish Armed Forces includes a structure of ‘units’, ‘schools’ and ‘centres’ under central command that educate and train personnel towards a shared goal: to strengthen Sweden's military preparedness and overall capabilities. Representatives of MOD of Georgia have the opportunity to attend the following courses:  Gender Advisory Course, Training for Trainers on Gender Issues,  Multinational Planning Tactical Course, Civil-Military Cooperation Course, etc.


Turkish PfP Training Center  (Ankara, Turkey)

The mission of Partnership for Peace Training Center is to provide training and education to NATO, Partner Nations and National Personnel in order to contribute for the attainment of interoperability objectives and enhance military cooperation in accordance with NATO and TGS policy and principles. Representatives of MOD of Georgia have possibility to attend the following courses:  Defense Planning Course, The Low of Armed Conflict, Strategic Communications Course, Strategic Analysis Course, Civil- Military Cooperation Course, Etc.


Centres of Excellence (COEs) 

NATO Centres of Excellence are international military organizations that serve and train the leaders and specialists of NATO member and partner countries. Nowadays NATO accredited 24 Centres of Excellence, whose working language is English. Centers include a wide range of exercises, such as Civil Military Operations, Cybersecurity, Military Medicine, Energy Security, Maritime Warfare, Defense Against Terrorism, and others.


Centre of Excellence Defence Against Terrorism (Ankara, Turkey)

Centre of Excellence Defence Against Terrorisms a NATO accredited multi-national sponsored entity located in Ankara, Turkey. Mission of the center is to provide key decision-makers with realistic solutions to terrorism and CT challenges, in order to transform NATO and Nations of interest to meet future security challenges. The representatives of MOD of Georgia participate in the following courses: Legal Aspects of Combating Terrorism, Protection of Critical Objects Against Terrorist Attacks, Use of Cyber Space by Terrorists, Defense against Terrorism, Terrorism and Media, etc.


Center of Excellence in Finance  (Ljubljana, Slovenia)

Center of Excellence in Finance is international organization with the mission to support capacity development for finance officials in South East Europe through learning. The trainings of the Center include the following directions: public financial management, tax policy and administration, and central banking reform efforts. The representatives of  MOD of Georgia attend the following courses :  Program and Performance Budgeting , Fiscal programming of structural reforms, EU funding sources, Planning and internal audit engagement, etc.


NATO Communications and Information Systems School  (CISS) (Latina, Italy)

NATO Communications and Information Systems School offers Communication and Information Systems Orientation courses  and Management training for selected staff personnel, supports exercises and contributes subject matter expertise when required to NATO CIS projects, conferences and work-shops. Representatives of MOD of Georgia have possibility to participate in the courses.


NATO Building Integrity (BI) Programme

Within the framework of its Building Integrity (BI) Programme, NATO works to support Allies and partner countries to promote and implement the principles of integrity, transparency and accountability in accordance with international norms and practices established for the defence and related security sector. The program provides a strategic approach to the reduction of corruption risks.  Activities are available for NATO member and partner countries and include educational courses, trainings,  and publications.


NATO-Georgia Professional Development Programme (PDP)

The NATO-Georgia Professional Development Programme (PDP) is dedicated to the professional development of civil servants in the Wider Security Sector.  The vision of PDP is to ensure a positive impact on Georgia’s public sector development by creating a lasting legacy that can support the country’s NATO aspirations beyond the programme’s life-span. NATO PDP strategic pillars are: Supporting the Georgian Government in implementing state reforms, Ensuring coherence with NATO instruments in Georgia, Supporting the parliament of Georgia in strengthening its role in national security and reform. The representatives of MOF of Georgia actively participate in activities supported by NATO PDP.