National Defence Academy
National Defence Academy

The Georgian Military Institutions have a long history dating back to 1862 when the first Military School was established in Tbilisi.


On 26 May 1918 Georgia regained its independence and in 1919 by the decision of the Government of Republic of Georgia and the Chief of Georgian Armed Forces, General Giorgi Kvinitadze the Georgian Military School was established. The School was given the name of "Georgian Junkers Military School". In 1921, after the Soviet Occupation the School ceased existence.


During the Bolshevik and Communist domination the Georgian Military Institution was transformed into a Military Institution of Red Army Students, later it was renamed as Tbilisi Artillery Institution (ТАУ), which was abolished in 1991.


On 28 May 1993 based on the order of the Ministry of Defence of Republic of Georgia the United Military Academy of Republic of Georgia was created. The School started operating on 1 September 1993. The students at the Academy were called “Listeners”, which in 2014 was changed to “Junkers” in order to honour the memory of Junkers who died in 1921 protecting the independence of Georgia.


On 20 February 2003 the Academy was given the name of “David Aghmashenebeli”. In 2009 Academy changed its location and was transferred in Gori, where it still operates.


In 2010, the Academy underwent a new wave of reforms, which included entire Officers' education system in Georgia. On 8 December 2010 by the decision of the Ministry of Defence of Georgia the Academy became Legal Entity of Public Law and the name was changed to “LEPL – David Aghmashenebeli National Defence Academy of Georgia”. By the decision of the NCEQE Council for the Authorisation of Educational Institutionsthe National Defence Academy holds the status of the highest educational institution.


Currently, there are following schools operating at the National Defence Academy: Bachelor School, Command and General Staff College, Junior Officer School and Language Training School.


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