Civil Reception

On 30 October 2013, Citizens' Reception Office was opened at the Ministry of Defence of Georgia with the aim to provide the Georgian citizens with an easy access to necessary information without any barriers. The staff of Citizens' Reception Office, who underwent special training within their areas of competence, provides a high-level of service to interested persons.  

The citizens addressing the Citizens` Reception Office are able to receive any kind of information related to the MoD and Armed Forces in a comfortable and friendly environment. Citizens' Reception Office provides the following kind of services: helping citizens write letters, applications, complaints and addresses; providing with consultations on social and other military related issues; guiding them to resolve the problematic issues; monitoring  of timely answering  letters .

With a view to gain access to information in a simply and timely manner, a telephone consultation system operates in the Citizens` Reception Office.

The following categories of citizens apply to the Citizens Reception Office: the civil and military personnel of the MoD and Armed Forces; the families of the military servicemen who were wounded or killed in action in international missions, or fell in the fight for the territorial integrity of Georgia, in various circumstances; war veterans; ordinary citizens.

In the Citizens` Reception Office meetings with the Ministry of Defence and General Staff leadership is planned and arranged during week days. Deputy Ministers of Defence, Deputy Chiefs of General Staff, Advisor to Chief of General Staff and Head of Military Police Department meet the citizens each working day according to a schedule.

On a monthly basis, the staff of Citizens’ Reception Office prepare statistics highlighting the most problematic issues raised by the population. Within every three months the report on the implemented work in the Office is also prepared. Besides that, the Office personnel, through filling up questionnaires by citizens, provide self-assessment of the daily activities of the Citizens Reception Office on a periodic basis. 

During the week days, 8 employees of the Citizens Reception Office provide service to the citizens. The Office works every day from 09:00 to 18:00.