Rehabilitation programs for the wounded military servicemen

With the aim to improve living and social conditions of the military servicemen wounded in action during the 2008 August War and international missions, Ministry of Defence of Georgia is implementing the following projects:

Adaptation of physical environment

For a free movement of the military with disabilities, wheelchair ramps were installed at the following places: administrative building of the Ministry of Defence; General Staff; check-points and Citizens` Reception Office; territories of National Defence Academy, III infantry Brigade in Kutaisi and military settlement in Kojori; infirmary and barrack of Marneuli air base.  Wheelchair ramps are also planned to be installed at the exit of the Military Hospital of Ministry of Defence.


Adaptation and arrangement of apartments

In 2013, 46 military servicemen with disabled capabilities were granted apartments, among which 31 were adapted and repaired according to their needs and physical requirements. It is also planned to give flats to 13 servicemen in the nearest future. 10 of them have already been handed service flats in Gori. 


Prosthetics and Rehabilitation Centre

The Ministry of Defence of Georgia insures rehabilitation of the military servicemen with amputated limbs and provides them with modern prostheses.

With this aim, under the support of the United States, the Rehabilitation and Prosthetics Centre is in the process of establishment in Tbilisi. The Centre started operation partially since October of 2014. The Centre offers production of above knee prosthesis, pre and post prosthetics rehabilitation by Amputees` Rehabilitation Multi-Disciplinary Team. A full reconstruction of the Centre and equipping with modern technologies will finish at the end of 2016.


Prosthetics Program

On December 26 2013, Ministry of Defence of Georgia and the U.S. Company „Peter Harsch Prosthetics“ concluded a contract, on the basis of which the military servicemen with amputated limbs will be provided with German Company “Ottobock”-made cutting-edge prostheses (mioelectric hand prostheses and bionic X-3 knee prostheses). At the first stage, 8 servicemen are sent to San Diego, U.S. to undergo the rehabilitation and prosthetics course there. After the complete recovery, another series of patients will replace them. The American specialists will carry out inspection of technical condition of prostheses twice a year throughout 3 years.

19 military servicemen who were heavily wounded and suffered amputation in the ISAF, OIF peacekeeping missions and in 2008 August War are engaged in the Prosthetics Program. 


Tserovani Rehabilitation Centre for Wounded Military Servicemen

The military servicemen who were wounded in combat activities and peacekeeping missions as well as their family members have the opportunity to go through the rehabilitation course in Tserovani Rehabilitation Centre where all the necessary conditions are provided for their comfort.

The military servicemen are offered a medical rehabilitation at the Tserovani Centre under the full-time observation of medical personnel of Separate Medical Battalion. Psychologists and psychiatrists provide 24 hour medical service for them and their family members. In case of need, a doctor might be called on the spot as well. All the necessary infrastructural facilities and the canteen are arranged at the territory. The military together with their family members go through 10-day rehabilitation and relaxation course stage-by-stage.

In 2014, Ministry of Defence also plans to carry out adaptation of buildings at the Centre and to build necessary infrastructure to meet the physical requirements of heavily wounded military servicemen.

From 2015 construction of Sports Complex will also begin at the Centre`s territory.



Starting from 2013, Minister of Defence of Georgia, the employees of Ministry of Defence, Joint Staff and private soldiers enjoy the equal terms of health insurance. The standard insurance package covers the following services: 24-hour telephone consultation during 7 days a week; free prophylactic medical examination twice a year; planned and emergency outpatient services; planned and emergency inpatient services; pregnancy; dental emergency service; life insurance; travel and other types of insurance. The standard package extends to all the family members of military and civil personnel.