Bilateral Defence Cooperation

Effective cooperation with partner countries is a significant component that aids the development of the defence system.

This cooperation is fully in line with the military-political aspirations of Georgia.  It also promotes the defence transformation process, supports the development of defence capabilities, strengthens resilience and deterrence and enhances interoperability with NATO.

At this stage, the Ministry of Defence of Georgia cooperates with 25 partner states.

Georgia cooperates with Strategic Partners via intergovernmental strategic cooperation formats.  Defence and Security spheres have been designated as separate directions.  

In 2009, Georgia and the U.S. signed the Charter on Strategic Partnership which is based on shared values and common interests of two states. Cooperation in the defence and security fields have been highlighted as important directions of the partnership.

In 2014, Georgia and the United Kingdom have established a bilateral strategic dialogue format (the Wardrop Strategic Dialogue). The Ministry of Defence is actively engaged in the dialogue at both strategic and working levels. It is conducted annually and on a rotational basis in the United Kingdom and Georgia.

In 2019, the Presidents of Georgia and France signed a declaration that laid the foundation for the Dimitri Amilakhvari Georgian-French Strategic Dialogue. The dialogue meetings are conducted annually and on a rotational basis in France and Georgia. The format envisages the further development of close cooperation between the countries and deepening of political, military, security, parliamentary, economic, trade, cultural, educational ties.

In 2017 Presidents of Ukraine and Georgia signed Declaration on Establishment of Strategic Partnership. Later, in 2019 Georgian-Ukrainian High-Level Strategic Council has been formed, where the Ministers of Defence have been streamlined as co-chairmen for the defence and security mechanism of the council.

Apart from the aforementioned strategic-level meetings, bilateral consultations are held annually with the respective services of partner nations. The aim is to effectively conduct bilateral cooperation and to focus on specific, mutually beneficial areas of cooperation as well as to avoid duplication of efforts.

The results of the consultations are reflected in annual bilateral cooperation plans that include high and expert level visits and meetings; courses/seminars/workshops for the civilian and military personnel of the Ministry of Defence of Georgia as well as for the foreign partners; bilateral and multilateral exercises; other bilateral activities.

The Ministry strives towards establishing long-term bilateral cooperation formats.

In parallel with cooperating with the existing partners and considering the military-political priorities of Georgia, the Ministry of Defence is negotiating with other partner nations to establish new relationships and create proper legal frameworks with them.


Regional Cooperation

The Government of Georgia strives to develop balanced and stable relations with the regional states. The Ministry of Defence successfully cooperates with the Ministries of Defence of Turkey, Azerbaijan and Armenia.

In 2012, Georgia, Azerbaijan and Turkey have signed the ,,Trabzon Declaration’’ and expressed interest to develop cooperation in various areas under the trilateral format.

On 31 March, 2018 within the framework of the trilateral ministerial, the parties signed the ‘’Memorandum of Understanding between the Government of the Republic of Azerbaijan, the Government of Georgia and the Government of the Republic of Turkey, concerning cooperation in defence sphere”

The cooperation aims to strengthen regional security and establish close ties between the Armed/Defence Forces in order to effectively achieve common goals and advance interests. Minister and expert-level meetings, trilateral mountain training course and trilateral exercises ("Caucasian Eagle," "Eternity”, etc.) are held on a regular basis.


Advisory Support

The U.S. and the United Kingdom have assigned advisors, who are coordinating development of concrete direction in the Ministry of Defence of Georgia.

U.S. Advisory teams and experts who are permanently based in Georgia, provide valuable assistance to the Ministry of Defence of Georgia and Defence Forces across different areas.


The Ministry of Defence of the United Kingdom has assigned a Special Defence Advisor who coordinates bilateral cooperation and is actively involved in the human resource management, elaboration/implementation of strategic level documents and internal audit issues.