Bilateral Defence Cooperation

Effective cooperation with partner countries constitutes a significant component for the development of the defence system.

This cooperation is fully in line with the military-political aspirations of Georgia, contributes to the defence transformation process, supports development of the defence capabilities, strengthens resilience and deterrence and enhances interoperability with NATO.

Currently, the Ministry of Defence of Georgia cooperates with 25 partner states within the frames of the annual bilateral cooperation plans. In general, the plans include high and expert level visits and meetings; courses/seminars/workshops for the civilian and military personnel of the Ministry of Defence of Georgia as well as for the foreign partners; bilateral and multilateral exercises; other bilateral activities.

The Ministry strives towards establishing long-term bilateral cooperation formats.

In order to effectively manage defence partnerships, bilateral consultations are held annually with the respective services of partner states. The overall aim is tofocus on the mutually beneficial directions and avoid any duplication of efforts.

In parallel with cooperating with the existing partners and while  considering the military-political priorities of Georgia, the Ministry of Defence is negotiating with other partner nations to establish new relationships and create proper legal frameworks with them.


Regional Cooperation

The Ministry of Defence of Georgia strives to develop abalanced and stable cooperation with the defence establishments of the regional states.

The trilateral cooperation format of Azerbaijan-Georgia-Turkey, which was estabshiled in 2012, is an important political mechanism designed to further develop and strengthen relations between the regional countries.

The signature of the “Memorandum of Understanding among the Government of the Republic of Azerbaijan, the Government of Georgia and the Government of the Republic of Turkey, concerning cooperation in defence sphere” in 2018 has structurally advanced the dynamics of cooperation between the Ministries of Defence of the participating states.

Under the auspices of this format Ministerial, CHOD level meetings, as well as expert level consultations and joint exercises are held on a regular and rotational basis. The meetings of the Ministers, Chiefs of Staff and experts are held systematically. Furthermore, the trilateral exercises are carried out regularly based on the rotation principle ("The Caucasian Eagle," "Eternity”, etc.).