Bilateral Defence Cooperation

Effective cooperation with partner countries constitutes a significant component for the development of defence system. For this purpose, it is particularly important to actively use practical assistance from partners in the most effective way.


Currently Ministry of Defense has bilateral relations with 23 partner countries: the United States, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Federal Republic of Germany, Republic of Latvia, Republic of Lithuania, Republic of Estonia, Republic of Poland, Republic of Turkey, Romania, Republic of Bulgaria, Republic of Greece, French Republic, Republic of Italy, Czech Republic, Republic of Hungary, Kingdom of Sweden, Kingdom of Denmark, Kingdom of Norway, Ukraine, Republic of Azerbaijan, Republic of Armenia, Republic of Moldova, and Canada.


Ministry of Defense cooperates with the abovementioned countries on the basis of bilateral cooperation plans. The latter represents a product of preliminary consultations and envisage annual high level visits, expert meetings, courses and workshops for the civilian and military representatives and international partners.


In parallel with strengthening bilateral and multilateral cooperation with the long-standing partner countries, the Ministry of Defense of Georgia is taking measures to establish bilateral ties with new partner nations.


In 2017 bilateral relations with the Scandinavian countries and Canada intensified and will be elevated to a quatilatevely new level. In this regard high-level bilateral-, as well as expert-level visits are planned to be conducted.


Trilateral Cooperation: Azerbaijan-Georgia-Turkey


The trilateral defence cooperation between Georgia, Azerbaijan and Turkey was launched in 2012. Cooperation is aimed at strengthening regional security as well as establishing close ties between the Armed Forces in order to effectively implement common goals and interests. Within the auspices of this format ministerial and cordial meetings as well as expert-level level consultations and joint exercises are held on a regular basis.


Particular emphasis is put on the regular joint exercises such as the Caucasus Eagle and Eternity.


Information on the exercises held outside of Georgia with Georgian participation


  • Multinational International Exercise for Special Operations Forces (SOF) Flaming Sword (Republic of Lithuania).
  • Annual International Exercise of Cyber ​​Security Bureau Locked Shield (Republic of Lithuania).
  • Annual Exercise NDVF COY FTXorganized by National Defense Volunteer Forces (Republic of Lithuania).
  • Multinational international field staffs exercise of the Armed Forces Spring Storm (Republic of Estonia).
  • International exercise of Defense League Eagle Flight (Republic of Estonia).
  • International exercise of SOF, Eurasian Partnership MCM (Romania).
  • International exercise of SOF Junction Strike (Romania).
  • International Field exercise (competition) Cambrian Patrol (United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland).
  • International staff-field exercise Saber Guardian (Republic of Bulgaria).
  • Ukrainian-American International Maritime Exercise Sea Breeze (Ukraine).
  • Ukrainian-American International Field Training (Battalion Level) Rapid Trident (Ukraine).
  • SOF Trilateral exercise of SOF Caucasian Eagle (Azerbaijan / Georgia / Turkey).
  • International Exercise Eternity (Azerbaijan/Georgia/Turkey).
  • International Staff Exercise Cooperative Resolve (Republic of Turkey).
  • Special Operation Forces International Field Exercise KOBRA (Republic of Poland).
  • International Field Exercise DRAGON (Republic of Poland).
  • International Exercise Maple Arch (Republic of Poland).
  • Computer-Assisted International Exercise with Field Elements VIKING (Kingdom of Sweden).


 Information on International Exercises conducted in Georgia


  • Battalion Level Field Exercise Noble Partner 2017 (USA);
  • Brigade/Battalion Level Field-Staff Exercise Agile Sprit (USA);
  • Special Operation Forces Field Exercise Caucasian Eagle (Georgia-Azerbaijan-Turkey);
  • Special Operation Forces Field Exercise JCET for Assessment (Poland);
  • Special Operation Forces Exercise (Parachute) Free Fall 2017 (Estonia);
  • Staff Computer-Assisted Trilateral Exercise Eternity 2017 (Georgia-Azerbaijan-Turkey);
  • Computer-Assisted Media-Exercise Noble Response 2017 (Field component will be added in the 2nd phase of exercise);