Opening the Medical Laboratory
2 May 2015
Medical Laboratory for detection of HIV Infection and Sexually Transmitted Diseases was opened at the Krtsanisi National Training Center today.

The laboratory was established upon a joint initiative of the United States Department of Defence and Georgian non-governmental organization “Medical Group of Georgia”. The Georgian military servants, going to participate in international peacekeeping operations will undergo the testing for the above diseases in the mentioned laboratory. They will be tested both prior to starting the service outside the country and upon finishing it.

As the US Office for Defence Cooperation (ODC) Chief, LTC Paul Riley stated, “such kind of practice has long been introduced in NATO member countries. It is a very positive fact to set up a medical research laboratory in Georgian Armed Forces too, through which Georgian military men will be examined on HIV and Sexually Transmitted diseases.

The opening ceremony at the Center was attended by senior officials from MoD and JS.