Academy student winning the World Tournament
2 May 2015
National Defence Academy attendee, Guram Guguneishvili became the winner of the World Selection Tournament.
An open tournament under the aegis of “MIX FIGHT M-1” was held on July 4 in the Sport Complex “SPORTMAX” in City of Donetsk, Ukraine. “MIX FIGHT” club fights were conducted in “heavy” and “super heavy” categories.
The attendee of the Academy Junior Officials Training Candidate Logistic Course, Guram Guguneisvili competed in +93 kg category. His rival in the competition was a World Champion in the Combat Sambo, Roman Bragin from Russian Federation. Just in the first round, in about three minutes, Guram managed to defeat the opponent.
One more Georgian competitor, Davit Tkeshelashvili participated in the tournament, who also succeeded to achieve the victory in the contest. 
Next World Selection Tournament will be organized at the end of September.