Davit Agmashenebeli National Defence Academy of Georgia
2 May 2015
National Defence Academy after Davit Agmashenebeli of Georgia announces recruitment of citizens. The applicants will be received after being examined in physical and medical condition, as well as on the basis of joint national examination results. Studying at the Academy is fully financed by the Georgian Ministry of Defence. At the Academy, the students will be provided with accommodation, adequate nutrition, uniforms, medical service and material-technical base meeting international standards. After entering the National Defence Academy, the attendee concludes agreement with the Defence Ministry and gains the status of military servant. The Academy graduates will be awarded with Bachelor’s Degree and military rank of Lieutenant. Academic programs –namely Bachelor`s programs-are taught by the following schools: Technical Sciences School specializing the students in building of airdromes and highways, information technologies; Business and Management School where attendees are majoring in the specialties of general management, logistics and expediting. The Academy will prepare officers in the following specializations: infantry, engineer, logistics, tank, mechanized, artillery, aviation, air defence and communications. The term of registration for the joint national examinations expires on the 25th March of 2011. The registration is possible in schools for school undergraduates and in educational resource centers for graduates or in an electronic way on the e-mail address: www.naec.ge
The applicants who will indicate the National Defence Academy in the registration form, will be notified the date for the medical examination by the Academy representative. 

Address: Gori city, Tskhinvali highway, the 5th kilometer
tel: 8 (22) 305285 8(22) 305366