New Draft of the Defence Code was discussed together with the representatives of different religious confessions in the Ministry of Defence
12 January 2023

Deputy Defence Minister of Georgia Grigol Giorgadze met with the State Agency working on religious issues and the representatives of different religious confessions. Deputy Minister presented to the clergy the new initiatives envisaged by the new Draft of the Defence Code and talked about the planned reforms. Grigol Giorgadze particularly drew attention to the legal loophole that allowed individuals to avoid military service with the help of fictitious religious organizations. The Deputy Minister underlined that no religious confessions will have the opportunity to use discretionary conditions under the new Code, and the representatives of all religions are required to go though mandatory military service. According to the project, religious service is no longer a basis for postponing mandatory military service. The clergymen will have the opportunity to undergo non-military alternative labor service, the conditions of which are determined by the relevant legislation.

The religious confessions representatives presented the proposals and standpoints, to further streamline the mechanisms to be used in the legislation.

At the end of 2022, the Ministry of Defense initiated the draft of the Defence Code, which is due to be discussed and adopted in the spring session of the Parliament.

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