Statement of Ministry of Defence
10 January 2023

We would like to respond to the misinformation spread by the so called experts or individual media companies, as if Ukraine handed over the Buk air defense systems to Georgia for free, which is not true.

The Defense Ministry received the Buk system in 2007 with the mentioned multi-million dollar purchase. It was implemented under a secret agreement, which is why we are deprived of the opportunity to specify more details. We explain to the public that tens of millions of dollars were also paid by the Ministry of Defence in 2017 for the purchase of Javelin anti-tank systems from the USA.

Georgia continues its humanitarian and political support of Ukraine, based on the possibilities available to it. A clear proof of this is the tons of humanitarian cargo sent, and among them, the generators purchased and handed over to Ukraine at the initiative of the Prime Minister.

As for the transfer of arms or dual purpose equipment to Ukraine, the Georgian government has repeatedly voiced a clear position on the issue.