First Deputy Defense Minister Met with Italian Counterpart
23 November 2022

First Deputy Defense Minister discussed bilateral cooperation issues between the Defense Ministries of Georgia and Italy with her Italian counterpart. Lela Chikovani congratulated Matteo Perego Di Cremnago on a new position, wished him successful mission and invited him to Georgia. She thanked the Italian side for supporting Georgia’s sovereignty, territorial integrity and Euro-Atlantic aspiration. 

At the meetings the colleagues discussed the security challenges in the region, Russia’s aggressive military activities against the Ukraine and the possibility of the visit of the Italian Defense Minister to Georgia. The sides agreed to conclude the memorandum of understanding in defense sphere in the nearest future that promotes to deepen the existing cooperation. 

The issues of the meeting also related to multilateral cooperation aspects between the Ministries of Defense of Georgia and Italy in terms of preparing Georgia for NATO and EU integration, strengthening defense capabilities and increasing interoperability.