Intermarium Cyber Security Forum 2022 Opened
17 October 2022

Defense Minister of Georgia opened Intermarium Cyber Security Forum 2022. Juansher Burchuladze outlined the importance of cooperation with international partners in cyber security sphere in parallel of modern challenges. As he stated, development of cyber security is one of the main priorities of Defense Ministry of Georgia. Defense Minister outlined that Georgia as a part of European security architecture shares best practice from EU and NATO. He considered the Intermarium Cyber Security Forum as a regional platform and stressed on its expansion, he also emphasized the support of the European Union and NATO in organizing the event.

Director of Cyber Security Bureau Luka Mgeladze and Deputy Head of EU Delegation Asuncion Sanchez delivered speeches to the forum participants.    

During two-day long international forum the representatives from NATO and EU member and partner countries discuss cyber threats, the cyber dimension of modern conflicts, national cyber resilience, issues of strengthening cyber security and the importance of strengthening international cooperation in this field.

The event aims to deepen cooperation with partner countries and share experience in cyber security direction. The forum is held for the third time under the aegis of MoD Cyber Security Bureau within SNGP.