SOF of Georgia, Turkey and Azerbaijan Held Demonstrative Training
19 October 2022

Within the exercise Caucasus Eagle 2022 the SOF military of Georgia,Turkey and Azerbaijan held demonstrative training on Vaziani training area. Chief of Defense Forces, Major General Giorgi Matiashvili observed the training on the ground.

During the demonstrative training the SOF units carried out the elements of military free fall, air supply, attack on the object with armored equipment, seizure of the building and landing from the AN-2 with a static parachute.

Caucasus Eagle 2022 aims to deepen coordination and synchronization among Georgian, Azeri and Turkish Special Operation Forces, to share experience, to enhance interoperability and improve command and control in multinational environment. The SOF units participating in Caucasus Eagle 2022 share experience in firing and first aid, combat in settlement and perform special operations.

Trilateral SOF training Caucasus Eagle with the participation of Georgia, Turkey and Azerbaijan holds annually under the rotation principle in each country. Last year the exercise was held in Turkey.