Georgian Soldiers Gained Silver Medals in International Training
20 October 2022

Military servicemen of Georgian Defense Forces successfully participated in international exercise Cambrian Patrol 2022 in Wales, UK. Georgian soldiers returned homeland with silver medals form Wales.

Georgian Defense Forces team manned with the military from J-2 Intelligence Department and Ranger’s Battalion of SOF participated in the competition.

Georgian soldiers covered 70 kilometer distance in 48 hours and carried out 10 reconnaissance tasks successfully. Reconnaissance tasks involved identifying minefields and arranging exits, providing first aid, identifying enemy equipment, adjusting artillery fire, and attacking the enemy's fortified position.

The competition was held in Whales, on mountainous landscape during 10 days with the participation of the teams from 30 countries.

Exercise Cambrian Patrol has been running for over 60 years and is the British Army’s principal All Arms Patrol Exercise. Cambrian Patrol is delivered by Headquarters 160th (Welsh) Brigade on behalf of Commander Field Army. The Exercise is designed to be arduous and all participants must be prepared both mentally and physically for the challenge ahead. This year Georgian Defense Forces participated in Cambrian Patrol for the seventh time.