Alpha Company of 12th Infantry Battalion Successfully Accomplished NEL-2 Retraining Program
23 October 2022

The Alpha Company of the 12th Infantry Battalion of I Infantry Brigade held situational training on Vaziani training area. The training aimed to evaluate readiness for NEL-2 within OCC E&FP.  

After preparing for the offensive operation, the Alpha Company carried out raid and medical evacuation tasks. Alpha company was supported by a military police unit. Didgori armored vehicle and Didgori Medevak armored medical evacuation vehicle took part in the exercise.

The observers and controllers positively evaluated the action military and their leadership fulfilled during the training.

The program is led by Combat Readiness Division of J-7 Military Education and Combat Readiness Department of GDF. Alpha Company of the 12th Infantry Battalion accomplished NEL-2 in 2019 for the first time and got the certificate which confirms its interoperability to NATO forces. Currently, the unit is undergoing training and readiness checks for compatibility with NATO forces.