The public relations course for representatives of the defense forces has been completed
9 October 2022

The public relations officers of the Georgian Defense Forces took a special course with the help of German instructors. The first stage of the Public Relations Course went on in Sachkhere, in COL Besik Kutateladze Sachkhere Mountain Training Course.

The instructors of the Bundeswehr Public Relations Center of the Federal Republic of Germany introduced the trainees to the modern information environment, existing doctrines, directives, modern challenges and ethical rules in the field of communications. 

Within the framework of the training, the participants deepened the skills necessary for effective communication with the public and mass media.

Except for the theoretical part, the training included practical exercises as well where all the participants were able to deliver the presentations on the different issues including the strategy developed in the context of crisis situations and the specifics of communication. The training program included the preparation of an interview, press release and press conference. Similar courses are held regularly for public relations representatives of the Ministry of Defense and Defense Forces of Georgia. Within the framework of bilateral cooperation, Georgian public relations officers are trained by experienced specialists from partner countries.

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