The conference of Military Police commanders of NATO partner and member countries is going on in Tbilisi
22 September 2022

The Military Police Department of the Defense Forces of Georgia is hosting a conference of military police and gendarmerie forces of NATO member and partner countries. Commander of Georgian Defence Forces Major General Giorgi Matiashvili thanked the conference participants for the visit to Georgia as an important factor for the enhancement of cooperation and interoperability with the military forces of NATO countries.

During five days, the participants will discuss the issues regarding activities of the military police, such as current cooperation and future perspectives and share mutual experiences. The topics to be discussed at the conference will contribute to further developing of cooperation and coordination between NATO and partner states.

The Conference is being held in Georgia for the first time and unites more than 30 countries. A Partnership Agreement was signed between the Military Police of the Ministry of Defence of Georgia and the NATO Multinational Military Police Battalion (MNMPBAT). The agreement on granting partner status to the military police covers various aspects of cooperation and is focused on participation in the operations, trainings and exercises of the NATO Multinational Military Police Battalion. The Partnership Agreement ensures the development of military police battalions as NATO-affiliated units, which is one of the main objectives of the military police initiative defined within the Substantial NATO-Georgia Package.

I platoon of I company of the East Battalion of the Military Police Department of the Georgian Defence Forces in the NATO Multinational Military Police Battalion (NATO MNMPBAT) has also gained the final certification. In the near future, Georgia is planning to apply for a full membership (Participant Status) of the NATO Multinational Military Police Battalion.


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