SOF Held Demonstrative Training within Noble Partner 2022
6 September 2022

The Adjutant General – Georgia National Guard, USA Major General Thomas Carden familiarized with the ongoing process of Noble Partner 2022along with the high-rank officers of Georgian Defense Forces on the ground. Chief of GDF, Major General Giorgi Matiashvili hosted American General at the multinational brigade staff at IV Infantry Brigade. 

Prior to Special Operation Forces of GDF held a demonstrative training in Vaziani with the participation of Georgian, British and Polish military of Special Operation Forces. According to the scenario, based on the received intelligence information, they discovered an intelligence sabotage group whose task was to destabilize the region. The SOF soldiers carried out raid and successfully neutralized the enemy through joint actions.

Georgia is hosting Noble Partner 2022 for the sixth place. The multinational exercise aims to enhance readiness and interoperability within Georgia, USA, regional partners and allies and to provide security environment.


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