Ministry of Defence of Georgia hosted the 1st meeting regarding the progress of Georgia`s Defence and Deterrence Enhancement Initiative.
19 August 2022

Brigadier General Edward Vaughan of the U.S. European Command arrived in
Georgia for the interim assessment of the progress of the Georgia`s Defence and
Deterrence Enhancement Initiative. The extended meeting held at the Ministry of
Defence was chaired by the First Deputy Minister of Defense Lela Chikovani. Deputy
Commander of the Defence Forces Brigadier General Irakli Chichinadze attended
the meeting reviewing the progress of the Initiative. The American side was
represented by representatives of the US European Command, the Pentagon and
the US in Georgia at the meeting.

The sides positively evaluated the progress of Georgia`s Defence and Deterrence
Enhancement Initiative and discussed the steps taken in the context of strengthening
deterrence, resistance and resilience of the country.

During the meeting, Laura Cooper, the US Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defence
for Russia, Ukraine and Eurasia, participated in the meeting through a video
conference. She gave a positive assessment to the progress of the Initiative and
wished success to the parties involved in its implementation.

It was noted that initiative signed between the US-Georgia on strengthening defense
and deterrence capabilities, which will strengthen the country's resilience, is
considered a new level of strategic partnership and the basis of dynamic cooperation
for the next ten years. The sides focused on the existing regional security
environment and increasing dangers, the concrete steps to strengthen Georgia`s
defence potential, the U.S.-Georgia multinational exercises, the significant
contribution and support of the U.S. Command in this process.

The US Defence Attaché Colonel Joseph Bilbo, the members of the delegation and
the leaders of the Georgian Defence and Deterrence Enhancement Initiative
attended the meeting held at the Ministry of Defence.