18 years have passed since the decease of the National Hero Zaza Damenia
16 August 2022

18 years have passed since the death of the Georgian National Hero Corporal Zaza Damenia. Today, the national hero was once again remembered by his brothers-in-arm and family members in his hometown, Ozurgeti. The soldiers of the Western and Eastern Commands of the Defence Forces laid a wreath at the grave of the hero warrior in the park named after the military killed in action in the war and paid tribute to his memory.

Zaza Damenia served in the Georgian Defence Forces from 1992. From 2002, he continued his military service in the Commando Battalion of the Light Infantry Battalion of the 11th Mechanized Brigade. 

In August 2004, with the start of the hostilities in the Tskhinvali region, the Commando battalion was sent to protect Georgian villages in the conflict zone. Georgian side lost 16 fighters during armed confrontations with the enemy.  Zaza Damenia was among them. On August 16 2004, Zaza Damenia saved his brothers- in -arm at the cost of his own life.
The Corporal covered himself with a hand grenade that fell into the hole and saved the warriors from death. Two days earlier, Corporal Damenia had been blinded by a shell explosion, but the corporal refused to leave his position and remained on the battlefield.

On 24 August 2004, Zaza Damenia was granted the title of the National Hero of Georgia for the heroism revealed in the battle for the unity and integrity of the motherland.

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