Military Day in Shaori Youth Camp
16 August 2022

The Youth Camp restored admission of the school pupils and students in Racha, near the Shaori Lake territory. Today, a military day was held in the Camp, within which the military servicemen of III Infantry Brigade of Western Command of Georgian Defence Forces attended the event. The soldiers provided the teenagers with important information about the history of the Defence Forces, mission, Georgian national heroes and military education. Later on, the exhibition of equipment and weapons of GDF was organized at the Camp territory, where the participants had the opportunity to view them.
"Fun competition with military elements" was held as part of the event. Military instructors taught them how to overcome the obstacle lines. Teenagers competed with each other in carrying loads, moving and transporting the injured with a stretcher. The military day ended with the announcement of the team winning the competition.

The camp is open to the youth at the age of 14-18 years old from all the regions of Georgia and their selection is made by the coordination of different state entities. This year, the camps host internally displaced youth from Abkhazia and Tskhinvali region, children from socially vulnerable families, youth under state care, children of deceased military personnel and policemen, children from multi-child families, as well as young people from the regions distinguished by creative and sports skills.

The program is organized by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Youth of Georgia and supported by the Ministry of Defence. The goal of the project is providing the youth living in Georgia with the opportunity to receive informal education, raising their physical, spiritual and intellectual potential and popularizing the social integration and health lifestyle.  

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