MPs Got Acquainted to Army City Construction Process
28 July 2022

Members of Defense and Security Committee of Parliament of Georgia visited Makhata Mountain where the construction process of Army City is going to an end. Deputy Defense Minister Grigol Giorgadze hosted the MPs and viewed them the construction works. They also discussed the issues on planned initiatives of housing the military personnel.

Construction of Army City aims to improve social conditions for the officers. The project is implemented under the policy of care the military servicemen. Army City includes 39 blocks of flat. There are 7-stored buildings with totally 1092 flats for the military servicemen. Frame works, block stacking and stained glass work have already been completed in all buildings. The apartments are separated by internal and external partitions and the roof, stairwell, elevator hall and gasification works have been completed. Elevators have already been installed and facades are being arranged.

The military will be able to purchase 50 m2, 80 m2 and 110 m2 of flats in white frame condition, with unprecedented preferential terms. Approximate cost of per square meter will amount to 200 USD. Consequently, the military will have to pay about 100 USD for per square meter. The military will also be able to use interest-free internal installments and not bank guarantees in order to pay this amount.

The project launched under the initiative of Prime Minister Irakli Garibashvili in October 2020, will be accomplished by the end of 2022. The project will continue. For the purpose amendments will be made to the Defense Code, as a result of which Major and above rank officers, Master Sergeant and above sergeant category will get an apartment, which will be a completely unprecedented decision in the direction of appreciation of the military, which will significantly improve their living conditions.

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