The representatives of non-governmental organizations and academic circles got acquainted with the food ration of the Georgian army
22 July 2022

The representatives of non-governmental sector and academic circles made tour of the Trainings and Military Education Support Center Krtsanisi, where they were hosted by the Deputy Minister of Defence Grigol Giorgadze. 
In the new canteen built with the highest standards, the guests familiarized with the military servicemen`s food service conditions and a variety of food ration. The guests tasted the "soldier's meal" together with the military.

The Georgian army is supplied with the highest quality products, including the Georgian unfrozen beef and pork.

In all the military units of the Defence Forces, dining and catering facilities were rehabilitated.The infrastructure is equipped with the latest equipment and fully meets modern standards.

The representatives of the non-governmental organization visited Support Centre Krtsanisi within the framework of the Higher National Defence Course.

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