Bilateral consultations were held between Georgia and the USA in the field of defence
20 May 2022

Bilateral Defence Consultations (BDC) are underway between Georgia and the United States of America. For this purpose, a high-ranking delegation of the US Department of Defence visited Georgia. The head of the delegation, the US Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defence for Russia, Ukraine and Eurasia Laura Cooper was hosted by the Minister of Defence Juansher Burchuladze. The minister focused on the successful close cooperation with the main strategic partner of the country and thanked the American side for its political and practical unwavering support. At the meeting important issues of US-Georgia cooperation were discussed and the security environment was discussed. 

Bilateral consultations in the field of defence were co-chaired this year by First Deputy Minister of Defence Lela Chikovani and Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defence for Russia, Ukraine and Eurasia Laura Cooper. At the meeting, the sides discussed reforms and future plans to strengthen Georgia's defence capabilities. It was noted that the new initiative signed between the USA and Georgia on the strengthening of defence and deterrence, which will further strengthen the country's resilience within the framework of total defence, is considered a new level of strategic partnership and the basis of the next ten-year dynamic cooperation.

After the consultations, the co-chairs signed the Bilateral Concept of the US-Georgia Defence and Deterrence Enhancement Initiative. This framework document aims to define the directions of the new initiative of bilateral security cooperation for the coming years. The leaders reaffirmed the importance of the US-Georgia strategic partnership for protecting common values ​​and strengthening common security interests.

High-level bilateral defence consultations between Georgia and the USA are held every year. The format of the consultations envisages the exchange of information, sharing of experience, determination and revision of the directions of cooperation in the field of defence and security.

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