The Minister of Defence attended the field component of the military exercise "Gelati 2022"
19 May 2022

The Minister of Defence of Georgia Juansher Burchuladze attended the Command and Staff Exercise "Gelati 2022" at the training center “Orfolo”. The demonstration exercise of the field component was attended by the Deputy Commander of the Defence Forces, Brigadier General Joni Tatunashvili and the Western Commander of the Brigade, General Koba Grigolia.

The defensive operation was successfully implemented by the tactical group of the company of the 32nd infantry battalion of the 3rd Brigade. The unit was supported by anti-aircraft, artillery, engineering, mechanized, tank and anti-tank units. Also, Mi-24 and Iroquois (UH1) type helicopters belonging to the Defence Forces participated in the exercise. The purpose of the training is to improve command and control procedures in the planning and execution of defensive operations by the brigade headquarters.

the Command and Staff Exercise ‘Gelati 2022” using of the field component (CPX/CAX/LIVEX) is conducted by order of the Chief of Defence Forces of Georgia and organized by the General Staff, Western Command and NATO-Georgia Joint Training and Evaluation Center (JTEC). 

In the exercises participate the units of the Western Command, the training and Military Education Command, the Aviation and Air Defence Command, the 10th Cadre Brigade, the Army Logistics Support Command, the Special Operations Forces Battalion, the Military Police Battalion and the Department of Special Tasks of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Facilities Protection Department and Subdivisions of the State Border Guard. 

In all phases of training, the directives of the NATO Collective Exercises and Training Manual are used. Tactical-level training with theoretical and computer systems support (CAX) in Senaki, 2nd Infantry Brigade, and drawing forces at the training centre “Orfolo”will end on May 20.

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