Statement of Defense Ministry of Georgia
18 May 2022

We would like to respond to the unverified information spread by various media means concerning the helicopters flying in the controlled territory of Georgia.

Mi-24 and UH-1 Iroquois type military helicopters belong to the Aviation and Air Defense Command of Georgian Defense Forces. The helicopters participated in the planned Command and Staff Exercise Gelati 2022 on Orpolo fire-range (Akhaltsikhe), which was held under the aegis of West Command and JTEC of GDF. Accordingly, the aforementioned flying machines were moving from Tbilisi to Akhlatskikhe and after the end of the exercise they were returning back to Tbilisi. 

Accordingly, the mentioned flying machines moved from Tbilisi in the direction of Akhaltsikhe and returned back after completing the training.

We would like to request media representatives to spread only verified information and not to create any unnecessary tension in the society by spreading false information due to the transfer of equipment used in planned exercises of the Georgian Defense Forces.