The Georgian National Guard Received the Fire Rescue Equipment
15 May 2022

The fire rescue equipment was donated to the Georgian National Guard (GNG) with the financial support of the Danish government in the frames of the Substantial NATO-Georgia Package (SNGP). The new equipment will be used by the GNG reservists to carry out support tasks while responding to emergency situations. 

The Grant Agreement was co-signed by the GNG Commander Brigadier General Roman Jokhadze and SNGP Crisis Management Initiative leader from Denmark Colonel Susanne Kristensen. The ceremony was preceded by a week-long training conducted through mentorship by the Danish Emergency Management Agency (DEMA). Within the framework of the training, the reservists were trained by the instructors from the GNG and the Emergency Management Service. The training was aimed at strengthening interagency and international cooperation. 

The Georgian National Guard has been engaged in the SNGP Crisis Management Initiative since 2019.

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