Information campaign with regard to contract-based military service continues
20 April 2022

Ministry of Defence of Georgia continues information campaign regarding enlistment of Georgian citizens in the contract-based military base. The military servicemen introduced the military service conditions to the locals, as well as opportunities of employment by profession in the Defence Forces. During the face-to-face meetings, the military answered the questions of the citizens about enlistment procedures. The Defence Forces representatives outlined that the Georgian citizens at the age of 18-35 are allowed to pass registration, after which they will have to go through psychological testing, medical checkup and two-month Basic Combat Training Course.

From the day of the enrollment in the course, the recruits will be provided with food, military uniform and high quality medical services. The soldiers explained to the population that deployment of enlisted candidates is made according to territorial principle. The recruits also expressed interest in remuneration. At this stage the Ministry of Defence offers a private soldier an initial salary of 1,177 GEL (922 GEL), which will gradually increase to 1275 GEL (1000 GEL) by the end of 2022. Remuneration increases according to rank, position and military service. It is also important that after the completion of the 1st contract, the military will receive a one-time financial bonus- 5,000 GEL, for a 2-year contract - 3,000 GEL, and for a 4-year contract - 8,000 GEL.

The registration procedures in contract military service is maximally simplified. Registration is available throughout the whole year at; also, in different cities across the country - Tbilisi, Gori, Kutaisi, Senaki, Batumi and Telavi, in the houses of justice and in the mobile recruiting machine. The information campaign will last for two weeks across the country.



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