Enlistment in contract –based military service continues 
19 April 2022

Ministry of Defence of Georgia continues recruitment of citizens in the contract-based military service. The information campaign regarding recruitment in military service throughout the Georgian territory is in progress. The military personnel of the National Guard headed to the different regions and villages of the country with recruiting mobile vehicles to introduce the military service conditions and the opportunities of employment by profession in the Defence Forces to the Georgian citizens. 

Today, the personal meetings have been held with the citizens at Tbilisi metro station. The soldiers provided the people with the detailed information on the service conditions and answered their questions. The interest expressed from the population was great. 

The MoD representatives underlined that Georgian citizens between the ages from 18 to 35 will be admitted to the 4-year contract-based military service. During the service, they will be provided with the highest quality uniforms of NATO standards, military equipment, and food, and free medical care, social and legal protection. 
The soldiers underlined as well that the best conditions are created for the military service members to raise their motivation, improving their education opportunities and career advancement system, increasing salaries and developing social security guarantees.

It was emphasized at the meeting that citizens between the ages of 18 and 40 can be employed in the Defence Forces by their own profession. Registration procedures were simplified as much as possible. Registration is available throughout the year online at onlinebct.mod.gov.ge; also, in different cities across the country - Tbilisi, Gori, Kutaisi, Senaki, Batumi and Telavi, in the houses of justice and in the mobile recruiting machine. The information campaign across the country will last for two weeks.


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