Juansher Burchuladze and Lloyd J. Austin Held Joint Press Conference
18 October 2021

US Secretary of Defense Lloyd J. Austin pays an official visit to Georgia. After the bilateral meeting at MoD, Minister of Defense of Georgia and US Secretary of Defense held joint press-conference for media representatives. 

Juansher Burchuladze thanked Lloyd J. Austin for his visit to Georgia and outlined that this visit is a clear and firm demonstration of strategic partnership between two countries and its further strengthening. On the other hand, US counterpart thanked Minister Burchuladze for hosting and warm welcome and stated: “I wanted to be in person here today because the United States values Georgia as a strong strategic partner”. 

At the press-conference the counterparts outlined that they had essential and productive meeting, during which they focused on security environment and existing challenging. As Defense Minister of Georgia outlined firm partnership promotes stable development of the country, as well as peace and stability in the region. “Our strategic partnership based on mutual trust has never been so firm and strong as it is now”, stated Juansher Burchuladze. 

Special attention was paid to the importance of the agreement signed between the Ministry of Defense of Georgia and the US Department of Defense. The initiative is designed to enable further enhance defense and deterrence of Georgia. “This initiative marks an exciting new phase of bilateral security cooperation between our countries. We are going to build upon the Georgia Defense Readiness Program by continuing institutional reform in the defense sector by strengthening the capabilities and the capacities required for effective deterrence and defense, by fostering interoperability with NATO, and modernizing and developing the Georgian Ministry of Defense and the Georgian Defense Forces. This initiative will advance our shared security interests and strengthen our partnership”, stated Lloyd J. Austin at the press-conference. 

Experience, trust and honor gained as a result of contribution shoulder-to-shoulder between Georgian and American military in international missions for many years was focused on. Lloyd J. Austin expressed gratitude to the Georgian Defense Forces and People of Georgia for their outsized role in the mission. “Our collective effort in Afghanistan is a testament to the strength of our strategic partnership and our shared interests and values“, stated US Secretary of Defense. 

As the sides stated modernization of armament and equipment, the importance of NATO-Georgia cooperation, US-Georgia multinational exercises and the prospects of practical implementation of Black Sea Security Concept were outlined at the meeting.    

​On behalf of Georgia, Defense Minister thanked the US Government for the vital strategic, successful and enhanced cooperation that aims to strengthen defense capability and sustainability of Georgia as future member of the Alliance.


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