The Ministry of Defence is filing a lawsuit against Davit Kezerashvili
30 September 2021

Ministry of Defence of Georgia filed a lawsuit against Davit Kezerashvili and Head of the State Procurement Department Alexander Ninua in the City Court, demanding compensation for the damage inflicted to the Ministry of Defence.

A guilty verdict has already been reached over the above-said criminal case and the Supreme Court of Georgia declared Davit Kezerashvili and Alexander Ninua guilty. The judgment of the three instances of the courts established that due to the improper fulfillment of the obligations by Alexander Ninua, a debt of 5 060 000 Euros was accrued to the Ministry of Defence that led to a substantial violation of the legitimate interest of the state, while Davit Kezerashvili used his official position to misappropriate a large amount of budget funds of Ministry of Defence under his legal administration.

A criminal case is not just a case of corruption as these funds were transferred to the offshore company without buying or delivering any commodities. This action clearly indicates to the unscrupulous attitude towards the state budget.

We emphasize once again that this criminal case is not just a corruption deal but it is a case of organized embezzlement of budget funds by the previous government.