Military doctors visited the Municipality of Sighnaghi to vaccinate the citizens
22 August 2021

Military doctors are actively involved in the immunization process of the citizens of Georgia and provide vaccination on their places of residence. The mobile military-medical teams of the Georgian Defence Forces visited the villages of Sighnaghi Municipality. Medics met with the population of villages - Magharo and Bodbe and provided them with detailed information about vaccination process. The population showed high interest. In coordination with the local government, due to the increased demand, the mobile team will visit the mentioned villages in the nearest future once again. As to the vaccinated citizens with the first doze, the mobile team will provide their second vaccination according to the protocol. 

According to the order issued by the Prime Minister of Georgia Irakli Garibashvili, the mobile teams of the military doctors were set up to facilitate the process of vaccination. 

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