The 12th Battalion Conducted Final Training under GDRP 
22 August 2021

In the framework of the Georgian Defence Readiness Program (GDRP) 9th rotation, the 12th battalion of the 1st Infantry Brigade of the East Command of the Georgian Defence Forces conducted a life-fire exercise. Company size military unit carried out offensive operation on the Vaziani firing range. The assault element cleared obstacles, conducted offensive operation and occupied the positions. Chief of the Georgian Defence Forces, Major General Giorgi Matiashvili and leadership of the GDF observed the military exercise. 

The 12th Infantry Battalion of the 1st Infantry Brigade was undergoing military training at the Combat Training Center during 13 weeks. Special attention was paid to tactical training of the military unit. Military trainings were supervised by the Georgian and American instructors. 

9 battalions were trained in the framework of GDRP. The program aims to increase the level of readiness of combat units of the Georgian Defence Forces, as well as to develop their capacity for manning, training, and equipment.

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