52ND Artillery Battalion Completed Tactical Training with LFX 
21 August 2021

The 52nd Artillery Battalion of the 5th Artillery Brigade completed the task oriented tactical field trainings with life-fire exercise on the Vaziani firing range. Military personnel of the 52nd Battalion of the 5th Artillery Brigade along with the air-defence artillery took part in the scheduled exercise. The goal of the military training was to improve combat readiness of the battalion and coordination of various combat elements. 

Two-week training consisted of three phases. The first stage included military training in field conditions, the second one was dedicated to the battalion planning and combat elements and the third one concluded the training with life-fire exercises. The final phase of the military training was observed by the East Commander, Brigade General Roland Dzneladze and Commander of the 5th Artillery Brigade, LTC Giorgi Chikhladze. 


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