Civil-Military Relations within Agile Spirit 2021
30 July 2021

Within Agile Spirit 2021 an informative meeting was held in Senaki Municipality that aimed to strengthen civil-military relations and get information on multinational exercises held in Georgia. 

The Georgian and American directors of Agile Spirit 2021, Brigadier General Koba Grigolia and Colonel Chris Marshall held an informative meeting on multinational exercises, as well as NATO and EU to the representatives of Senaki Municipality and local juveniles. Deputy Head of NATO Liaison Office, Peter Picker attended the meeting as well. Following the information sharing the meeting continued in an informative regime. By the end of the event the invited guests received the presents. 

The multinational exercise is ongoing on 5 locations in parallel with the participation of more than 2500 military of 15 NATO member and partner nations. The exercise includes field and command and staff components. 

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