"General Military Sniper Training Specialist Program" is completed at Mukhrovani Base
27 July 2021

In Mukhrovani, at the base of the Major Gela Chedia Special Forces Training Center, the "General Military Sniper Training Program" was completed.


The program included “Garisoba” (self-rescuing in extreme conditions), skills at arms, mountaineering shooting at Abul Mountain shooting range, tactical training in forest, and culmination field training and sniper trail in city conditions.


The course aims to prepare a highly skilled sniper for infantry troops, who will be able to accurately shoot at long distances, reconnaissance, surveillance, information gathering and reporting, tracking and searching, identifying and destroying an opponent.


The Commander of the Special Operations Forces, Colonel Teimuraz Klateishvili, congratulated the servicemen on the completion of the course and wished the graduates success in their service for the country.