Ukrainian servicemen will undergo rehabilitation course at Tserovani Rehabilitation Center
19 July 2021

Ukrainian servicemen injured in anti-terrorist operations in eastern Ukraine will undergo a rehabilitation course in Georgia. The Ukrainian servicemen arrived in Georgia with their family members and were met at the Tbilisi International Airport by representatives of the Department of Social Affairs and Psychological Support of the Ministry of Defence. The wounded soldiers and their families went to the Maro Makashvili Rehabilitation Center in Tserovani to undergo a two-week physical, psychological and recreational rehabilitation course.

The rehabilitation course aims to maximally improve the health, physical and functional condition of the injured servicemen as much as possible, to achieve an optimal standard of living and to reintegrate them into society.


Visit of Ukrainian wounded servicemen to Georgia The Memorandum of Understanding signed on April 28, 2015 between the Ministry of Defence of Georgia and the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine on the implementation of a joint project for the rehabilitation of wounded Ukrainian servicemen participating in anti-terrorist operations in eastern Ukraine. The rehabilitation process at Tserovani Rehabilitation Center is underway with the active involvement and support of American partners. The next group of Ukrainian servicemen is expected in Georgia in September. Since 2015, 237 Ukrainian servicemen have undergone rehabilitation in Tserovani.

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