Mass vaccination in the Georgian Defense Forces is actively underway
14 July 2021

Mass vaccination of military servicemen against COVID-19 in the Georgian Defence Forces is underway. Today, the military servicemen of I Infantry Brigade were vaccinated in the Giorgi Abramishvili Military Hospital of the Ministry of Defence of Georgia.

Immunization of the personnel of Ministry of Defence and Defence Forces is going on in the Gori Military Hospital and Kutaisi Medical Centre according to the national and interagency plans. The military personnel taking part in international missions and exercises were additionally vaccinated. 17% of the MoD personnel have already undergone immunization. Following the universal immunization guidelines, additional vaccination sites will be arranged under the supervision of the Medical Department of Defence Forces and the Military Hospital. If desired, the Ministry will provide vaccinations for employees' family members at appropriate locations in accordance with safety and vaccination regulations. 

This process is carried out in coordination and cooperation with the Ministry of Refugees, Labor, Health and Social Affairs and the National Center for Disease Control and Public Health.