Media Exercise Noble Response 2021 began
7 July 2021

By the organization of the Department of Strategic Communications and Public Affairs Department of Ministry of Defnce of Georgia, the Media Training Noble Responcxe 2021 has launched. 

The training is being held in Senaki II Infantry Brigade for the fourth time already and 16 current and future journalists, photographers and cameramen are participating in it. For the first time, British observers are involved in the exercise. In the practical part of the4 exercise, for the first time, media representatives will use the multiple integrated laser impact system MILES, which is an essential component for creating a training environment andis needed to improve real combat training.

Commander of the Host Brigade, LTC Irakli Chitanava welcomed the participants of Noble Response 2021 and stressed the importance of military-civilian cooperation and media support for the military in carrying out its task.

The goal of the exercise is to help the media representatives develop the skills needed for the implementation of their professional activities in the conditions of hybrid warfare and crisis situations. The training mainly consists of practical parts during which the media representatives will have to put the theoratical knowledge into practice in the environment maximally closer to reality.
The various units of the Georgian Defence Forces are involved in the successful implementation of the exercise conducting theoretical and practical training for them. The exercise include public relations in warfare, the first aid in the field conditions, stress management, self-rescue in the field, the principles of work and safety in explosive areas, cyber security, as well as information influence operations.

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