Mountain Training Basic Summer Course is Underway in Sachkhere
24 June 2021

Colonel Besik Kutateladze Sachkhere Mountain training School is hosting Mountain Training Basic Summer Course.  The course is conducted in the NATO Partnership for Peace programme framework and is attended by 27 representatives of NATO member and partner nations. Georgian, US, Ukrainian, Latvian, Estonian and Turkish military servicemen will participate in the course for the duration of three weeks in the training areas in Sachkhere and Chiatura. Attendees, with the help of instructors will develop skills necessary for working in mountainous terrain and learn how to use mountain gear.

In the duration of the course, the military servicemen will learn the safety requirements for working in the mountainous terrain and execute movement, collective firs aid, evacuation, wall descension, fixated rope climbing, wall climbing, river and barrier crossing exercises. Summer Basic Course also entails spending two nights on elevation, 24 Kilometer administrative march and +800 meter high climbing. The course began on 13th of June and will end on 2nd of July. At the end, the participants will undergo complex and physical tests. In case of successful completion of the basic course they will have an opportunity to undergo intermediate course.  


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