The military personnel of the 32nd Battalion returning from Afghanistan to Georgia
22 June 2021

The process of returning Georgian peacekeepers from Afghanistan continues. Another group of the Georgian troops deployed at Bagram Airfield in Afghanistan has returned to the homeland today. The representatives of the Western Command and III Infantry Brigade greeted the 32nd Light Infantry Battalion servicemen at the Tbilisi International Airport, congratulated them on their peaceful return to the motherland and thanked them for the successful accomplishment of the mission.

The 32nd Battalion personnel was fulfilling the NATO-led Resolute Support Mission in the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan for six months under US command and its main task was protecting the security of the base.

The unit will fully return to Georgia in the near future. The Reinforced Company of III Infantry Brigade has already completed the RSM. The military unit was deployed in Mazar-i-sharif and was carrying out its duties under German command. Georgia has been involved in the ongoing peacekeeping mission in Afghanistan since 2004 and it is the largest per capita contributor among the non-Alliance countries. Georgian Defence Forces are leaving Afghanistan on a schedule agreed with NATO.

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