In the frameworks of project “One day in the ARMY”, the members of the student parliament visited the I Brigade
4 June 2021

In order to raise awareness about ongoing processes in the Georgian Defence Forces and defence and security field, in the framework of the project “One day in the ARMY”, members of the student parliament visited the I Brigade.

At the meeting head of the brigade, Colonel Zaza Shalamberidze presented the history of the military unit, the brigade force structure, the dislocation areas, tasks, accomplished activities, and future plans. Attendees were given opportunities to ask questions.

Later, guests visited the military infrastructure, classrooms, sports facilities, barracks, military equipment, and armaments. Afterward, students had dinner with military servicemen at the canteen. By the end of the visit, the participants were presented gifts by the leadership of the I Infantry Brigade.

The project “One day in the army” aims to raise awareness in the society about defence and security issues facing the country, NATO-Georgia cooperation, and purpose of defence forces.  The project supports the promotion of the defence forces.

Such visits and information meetings are held permanently within the Defence Forces. Students, school children, and media representatives visit the military bases and learn about everyday life of the military.

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