Statement of the Ministry of Defense
1 June 2021

On May 29 of this year, the main program of the TV channel "Saturday Mtavari '' reported on the property declaration and income of the Minister of Defence. However, with defamation claims against the Minister of Defence, The show went beyond all ethical and legal norms.


Notably, in the main story of the TV company, the property belonging to other persons was attributed to the Minister of Defence. In addition, his apartment was presented in such a way as to represent several houses.


TV Company’s website misshaped the information about the salary received during the period of Juansher Burchuladze as the Deputy Minister of Defence. A number of facts were deliberately distorted. Non-existent property and income, attributed to the Minister of Defence, were fabricated to damage his reputation.


The Minister and his family members do not own any real estate, neither on Paliashvili nor on Ljubljana Street. Real estate that the Minister owns, has been acquired before he held a high position in the public service. The Minister made a personal statement to the National Bureau of Civil Service to validate previously mentioned facts. The Bureau has confirmed that the information broadcasted on the show is a lie. The Minister intends to apply to the court regarding the slander and lies.


None of the media's complete falsehoods will go unchallenged in the future.