Rangers’ Course Closing Ceremony was held in Mukhrovani
22 April 2021

The closing ceremony for the Rangers’ Course was held in the Major Gela Chedia Special Forces Training Center. Chief of the Georgian Defence Forces, Major General Giorgi Matiashvili congratulated rangers on successful completion of the training course and highlighted the significance of the military unit, their complex and responsible tasks. Chaplain David of the Special Operations Forces blessed the military personnel.

The awarding ceremony of rangers with certificates and patches was followed by the demonstration training. According to a simulated scenario, rangers conducted raid using the armored personnel carrier Didgori, M-4 and PK machine-guns.

The invited guests were able to watch specially prepared video-collage, view exhibited equipment and attend the hand-to-hand fighting. 57 military service members completed the training course that lasted during 6 months. The course was led by 20 instructors and included theoretical and practical trainings in medical aid, topography, mountaineering, engineering, tactics and shooting.

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