With the U.S. support the Georgian Defense Forces have been equipped with new weapons
11 February 2021

Arms modernization process is being actively conducted in the Georgian Defense Forces. With the support of the U.S., the Georgian Defence Forces have received new types of machine guns and grenade launchers. Military units are already being equipped with the M2 12.7 mm machine guns and 40 mm automatic grenade launchers MK 19. The Georgian Defense Forces have additionally received the U.S made NATO 5,56  mm caliber M249 light machine guns.

The Georgian and American instructors of the Combat Training Center (CTC) conducted test-firing at the shooting range in Vaziani. It is essential to highlight that, these types of weapons increase the firepower of the units and help them to effectively operate on the battlefield. Equipping Georgian Defense Forces with new machine guns and grenade launchers is a part of a more comprehensive and all-encompassing process that aims to fully upgrade and modernize GDF’s armaments and equipment. This process will ultimately enhance the defense capabilities of Georgia and increase interoperability with the partner countries` military forces.

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